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Wellness     |     Peace     |     Balance


All over the world, people are discovering the benefits of wellness through rejuvenating spa and body treatments.

We invite you to explore the Spa atLouis Christian/Robert John where wellness is not just cultivated through
body therapy and facials, but through changing one’s mindset.


From head to toe, make time to care for your skin, the largest organ of the body.Learn how to de-stress and detox.

Recognize the value of regular massage therapyto overall health and well-being.

Understand the importance of product selectionfor at home care to achieve long-term skin care objectives.

Luxuriate in this restorative environment and find peace. Relax and renew in the Spa at LCRJ and find the balance.


You’ll be glad you made time for you!



Signature Facial


Collegen Facial


Paraffin Facial


Ultimate Luxury Facial


Pore Sweeper


Express Peel


Vitamin C Facial


Petite Facial


Radiance Facial




Microdermabrasion with your personally designed facial


Gentleman's Facial


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Soothing Eye Zone


Stress Relief Scalp and Hair Treatment


Collegen Mask


Exfoliating hand Treatment


Body Bronze Airbrush Tanning

(1) Session $40 Package of (3) $108 Package of (6) $204

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